Bridging cultures

Building leaders

Bridging cultures

Building leaders

Whether you’re a large, medium-sized or small company, we work closely with you through leadership consulting and Board Services, interim management solutions and executive search.

We take the time to find the perfect fit and understand both your culture and your strategy, ensuring that you have the opportunity to develop your full potential in European markets.

Executive Search

ArteLatum Executive Consulting specializes in executive search, recognizing the major impact these leaders have on the success of a company’s business plan and strategic decisions. In a context marked by health, ecological, climatic and economic crises, as well as by changing managerial expectations, we prioritize agility as a key skill. Our approach focuses on identifying, assessing and attracting the best managerial talent, particularly on the Franco-German axis. Our candidates, as rare as they are demanding, are aligned and motivated to meet your strategic challenges when they join your team.

Interim Management

Interim management, which originated in the Netherlands, is enjoying sustained growth in Europe, particularly in France and the D-A-CH region. Companies benefit from the added value of controlled risks, high returns and worry-free recruitment. To meet urgent needs, we offer interim managers with an international profile, experts in various fields, to guarantee the success of your strategic assignments.

Leadership Consulting

To help our customers achieve success and rapidly implement their business plans, we offer Leadership Consulting services. This includes management reviews, family charters, individual and team executive coaching, as well as individual and group assessments. Our interventions ensure that everyone takes ownership of the strategy, that commitment, vision and strategy are in harmony, and that the business plan is implemented rapidly.

Board & CEO services

Do you manage a Board of Directors and seek to improve it? We understand how crucial the responsibilities of a Board of Directors are to the future and day-to-day running of a company. Our expertise helps optimize performance by recruiting independent directors, evaluating candidates, improving collaboration with the CEO, planning succession, and strengthening solution-oriented teamwork. We also tackle challenges such as structuring decision-making processes, communication and clarifying individual visions to create a harmonious shared vision.


Founded in 2007, arteLatum is an intercultural management development consultancy based in Germany. The name, inspired by Latin, means “networking through know-how” and symbolizes the synergy between different corporate cultures, countries and markets. Since its creation, arteLatum has focused on intercultural management training, strategic consulting and recruitment. In 2023, the firm transformed itself into arteLatum Executive Consulting, positioning itself as a partner to investment funds, startups and major European companies, with offices in Paris and Munich. Our expertise ranges from executive search to transition management and board services. Our intercultural approach, reinforced by our presence in France and Germany, enables us to offer management solutions tailored to the specific challenges of our customers throughout Europe.

Qui sommes-nous ?

With over 25 years’ experience in Europe, Frédérique Genton began her career in Paris, then worked in Austria, Munich and Saarland. Founder of arteLatum in 2007 in Germany, she quickly expanded her clientele across Europe, the United States, North Africa and Asia. In 2017, she joined a Paris-based firm, becoming Equity Partner and opening a Frankfurt office in 2020. A committed Franco-German, she is passionate about strengthening Franco-German economic relations. In 2023, she transformed arteLatum into arteLatum Executive Consulting. In addition to her career, Frédérique enjoys art, literature and European travel.

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