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Senior executives influence the company’s major decisions. Their impact will determine the success of the business plan.

Recruiting an executive is a key issue for any company. It is this same executive who will have the most significant impact on strategic decisions, the direction of the company and the management of the team.

To meet this challenge, arteLatum Executive Consulting’s approach is structured, in-depth and aware of the major contextual challenges of momentum:

The health, ecological, climatic and economic crises, which have made our customers, and therefore us, even more demanding.

Transformation objectives, including external growth, which have grown considerably.

Managerial expectations of a high-performance management team have changed, making agility the core skill expected in crisis situations.

At arteLatum Executive Consulting, our customers get long-term advice from a trusted professional.

With an approach based on your objectives, we identify, assess and attract the best managerial talent for you, profiles that are hard to reach and at the top of their game, for CEO, CFO, HRD, DCM, COO, CMO, CLO, COO, CPO, CTO, Country Manager, investment directors or operating partners.

On the Franco-German axis, successful candidates are rare and demanding when it comes to leaving their job for another. We spend a lot of time with them to convince them to join you, because we are convinced that this will be the best step for them.

Our high level of experience of business sectors and markets in Europe, at all job levels, enables us to meet your needs objectively.

When he/she joins you, the selected manager is both aligned and motivated. When they join you, the managers we select are both aligned and motivated. He or she will be able to respond as closely as possible to your challenges and strategic objectives.

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