Board Services

Do you manage a board of directors and want to make it more effective? 

The expectations placed on the Board of Directors make its responsibilities crucial: the Board must be able to stand back and take the best decisions to guide the company’s future, while ensuring the smooth running of day-to-day business.

We help our clients to optimise the work of the board of directors by working alongside them to

  • Recruit future independent directors whose expertise will make a significant contribution to the company’s success
  • Assess the candidacy of future independent directors who have already been identified
  • Improve interaction with the CEO or Managing Director
  • Organize succession planning within the Board of Directors 
  • Improve the collective work of the Board of Directors through a solution-oriented approach (team coaching) 

Topics of our clients:

  • meet the challenges of structuring decision-making processes
  • improve the flow of communication and clarifying individual issues
  • optimise the emergence of a shared vision
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